Behind the Scenes with Dr Kelly Powers for the Covershoot of Metropolitan Magazine Holiday Issue 2017

November 13, 2017 was a great way to start the week, a different kind of monday in nyc. It was the shooting of the Holiday Issue for Metropolitan Luxury Magazine with the gorgeous cover girl Dr. Kelly Powers, Dr. Kelly Powers is a National TV News Commentator, Doc/Surgeon, On-Air TV Personality, Health & Policy Reporter @FoxNews @HLNtv @CNN @NBC National Review Fellow and now the beautiful cover of Metropolitan Luxury Magazine.

Dr Kelly Powers at Kellari Taverna

Dr Kelly Powers at Kellari Taverna-photo by Benno Klandt

25A Magazine / Metropolitan Magazine redefines luxury publications by delivering the latest and most distinctive Manhattan stories into the hands of discerning Upper East Side readers. Celebrities grace the magazine’s cover, while its pages detail what’s happening in high-end fashion, interior design, real estate, travel and more. That means that our readers are always in the know about what is happening in our exclusive community.

Chase Backer owner and Publisher was the visionary behind this exclusive Luxury Shoot.

Dr Kelly Powers and Publisher Chase Backer

Dr Kelly Powers and Publisher Chase Backer- photo by Benno Klandt

Also in attendance and featured was Jill Dobson, she is an American Journalist . She has been covering entertainment for the  Associated Press since early 2016,[1] and is a contributor for CBS’s The Early Show and HLN. She also is a former television entertainment correspondent  for the Fox News Channel.

Dr Kelly Powers and Jill Dobson

Dr Kelly Powers and Jill Dobson-photo by Benno Klandt

The first part of the Photo Shoot took place at the fabulous Kellari Taverna and then we moved outside to the NYC’S best Rockefeller Center.

Dr Kelly Powers at Rockefeller Center

Dr Kelly Powers at Rockefeller Center- photo by Benno Klandt

Mina D Jewelry is grateful to have been part of this amazing shoot and wonderful day spent with incredibly talented people. Mina D couture Jewelry added the element of glamour to the gorgeous clothes By Designer Sylvio and added to the holiday essence and the Luxury of what Metropolitan Magazine stands for.

Mina D Jewelry

The stunning images were shot by the talented Benno Klandt

Real Estate Expert Judy Sahagian of Judy Networks was a behind the scenes supporting us every step of the way.

Watch for the Holiday issue coming soon…….

Dr Kelly Powers

Dr Kelly Powers

Group Photo It's A Wrap

Group Photo It’s A Wrap-photo by Benno Klandt

That's a Wrap

That’s a Wrap



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