Designer Mina Deutsch of Mina D Jewelry cohosts Eurocircle’s Annual White Party

July 14,2015 Eurocircle held its annual White Party at the Ganesvoort Park Hotel Rooftop. 

Ladies and gents dressed in Summer’s finest whites was the look and theme of the night.  The beautiful balmy summer weather and the great views made the night all the more special.  Great music and specialty drinks were streaming all night and wp 1wp2 the hotel offered guests their small plate menus at the rooftop.

A beautiful group of people with great hosting by Eurocircle.

The Bulgarian Women’s Club – Boriana Pavlova – Rose Barghout, Anne Kim and Sadia Hussain
Sherry Kumar, Serbia
Harriet Kulmala, Arctic Finns of NY, Finland
Husniye Temocin, Turkey
Mina Deutsch, Mina D Jewelry –
Husain Ansar, Hong Kong


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