Meet our beautiful Brand Ambassador Ingrid Gregus

Meet our beautiful Brand Ambassador Ingrid Gregus.

Ingrid lived in Slovakia until her 20s with her loving parents and two older brothers.  She then continued her studies in London, following Tokyo.  She studied Hotel Management and Leisure, her  training took place @ Hotel Cumberland Marble Arch on Oxford street, after London she lived in Tokyo and then in New York where she met designer Mina Deutsch of Mina D Jewelry and did several fashion shows and campaigns for Mina D Jewelry.  She is currently a Brand Ambassador for Mina D Jewelry and we are proud to have her on our team !


Her work history is extensive and impressive, here is a summary of some of her work :

Editorials and campaigns: Mina D Jewelry, Hiroko Hayashi, Motonari Ono, Katsura Yumi, Roberto Cavalli, PPN Tokyo, Maria H, GB Golf Wear, Mio Milano, Stan B Handbags, Sleek, Jonii Ma Shanghai, Max Pittion Sunglases, Tweezerman New York, La Femme Beauty Salon, Glitter, Schwarzkopf Tokyo and others.

Fashion Shows: Fashion Week Tokyo, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NYC

Commercials: Toyota, Canon, Epson, Billabong, Coca Cola Light, Tahiti Nui, Max Pittion, Dr Bronner`s Cosmetics, Menardo Cosmetics, Nail Seals Campaign Tokyo – Singapore and others.


Ingrid is also a health coach and loves working with her clients and helping bring healthy tips into our daily diets.  Some of her advise teaches us how to separate your plate into 3 parts. One is for protein, second for greens and the third one is for healthy carbohydrates or whole grains. She says  it is always good to add a little bit of healthy oils like flax seed oil, or olive oil into your diet. Lessen the consumption of salts in your diet and please, beware of using sweeteners. It is always better to use a little bit of natural sugar than harmful chemicals. If possible, try to shop only organically raised foods without added chemicals or pesticides.

Ingrid’s hobbies include travel, snowboarding and working with students and children as well.

Her work with children includes working with children in the Ishinomkai shelter after the Tsunami in 2011.  She also does nutrition presentation for children in schools.

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