A glimpse how my vision becomes reality from designer Mina Deutsch

Here is a glimpse of how my vision becomes reality.

It all begins with a strand or two, sometimes up to ten of a gorgeous color, maybe stone, maybe pearls and often both.

My vision is then created into a stunning masterpiece of a necklace, which very often calls  for a matching bracelet and earrings.

The strands call to me and inspire me, fashion, nature and travel… they all are a part in what I create.

I create with a vision with a passion with all my heart..  ❤️

When I talk about my designs and my inspiration … or about my clients my eyes light up with life… 

This is my passion and I’m fortunate to be able to share it … 

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Styled here with classics from my closet

Aidan Mattox gown

St John Classic Jacket

Badgley Mishcka Shoes