Collection: Diabetes Awareness Bracelet

Jade & Agate Bracelet with sterling silver Ribbon Charm

15% of the proceeds will be donated to American Diabetes Association

Designer Mina D designed this bracelet in memoriam of her grandmother Jeni :
My dearest grandmother its been six years already since you have passed
We miss you so much everyday and the memories we have of you both at your best and your “better” years and your aged years are memories we will never forget.

November is Diabetes awareness month, you battled diabetes for more than 30 yrs
I watched you being taken care of and one too many times I was the “nurse” who gave you your insulin. Although diabetes is not what brought your last days it’s a battle you fought twice a day with your insulin and symptoms.

And so with your memory I dedicate to you the Jeni Collection, raising money and awareness for Diabetes Awareness.

Love you Grandma and miss you dearly, I hope you are resting well and you are at peace and pain free.
Love your one and only granddaughter

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