Art Nouveau meets Modern Sophistication Mina D Jewelry As featured in Accessories Council Magazine

Art Nouveau meets modern sophistication, as featured in Accessories Council Magazine.

Trending for Spring 2024, vintage deco styling meets modern sophistication.

We are proud to be featured in the Spring Edition of Accessories Council Magazine with our Art Nouveau Green Amethyst Necklace.


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AC Magazine

About Accessories Council :

In 2024, the Ac celebrates 30 years in business and will continue our mission to promote the growth and sustainability of the industry, while also providing support and resources to our members to help them increase sales. We are a team of passionate individuals whose lineage includes retail, wholesale, merchandising, marketing, publishing, and everything in-between.

We have owned the 115-year-old Ac Magazine for 2 years and since rebranding and launching in 2021, the magazine has had over 3,000,000 page views, over 130,000 unique readers, and is opened in over 130 countries.