Be a master at loving yourself and others will follow.......

“Be a master of loving yourself and others will follow”

Mina D Jewelry treat yourself because you are worth it and you can.

Always know your worth ! Thank you Milet Cyrus for this beautiful song reminding woman of our strengths and to love ❤️ ourselves no matter what!

As the song Flowers from Miley Cyrus tops all the music charts worldwide we had to talk about the message and words of encouragement and empowerment to woman. Self Love, Self Respect, look in the mirror and love yourself, take care of you, no one can take care of you better than you can.

And the important message, know when to walk away, when to say enough its time.

Whether you are single or with a significant other, you have to love yourself and know how to take care of you, take time for yourself. 

And then of course we had to jump on the video trend, it's all the rage, using the trending audio on social media, we couldn't resist, dressed up in our finest gold dress, chanel sunglasses and sky high heels we danced to the music. Being a blonde helped being able to play the part and it was a fun project. 

Debuting our newest addition to our Signature Collection of Mina D Jewelry, we are showcasing our Gold & Onyx Necklace, with vermeil CZ Clasp, matching pearl and onyx earrings and of course our signature stretch bracelet now in gold.

As a woman owned business we love having a space where we can encourage and support woman, with a combined social media following over 21,000 we find it important to share and reach as many people as we can.

have a great day !