Beautiful Bridal Event with Mina D Jewelry

What a beautiful Bridal event we showcased in on May 31st.

The venue The Mill Lakeside Manor with its breathtaking views was a perfect backdrop for our stunning Bridal Jewelry Collection.

The classic natural white pearl jewelry was displayed beautifully with the backdrop of the gorgeous lake.

We met many wonderful brides that we look forward to working with and enhancing their special day with our One of a kind exquisite Mina D Jewelry Bridal Collection.

The Bridal Collection consists of gorgeous natural pearls enchanced with sterling silver clasps and Cubic Zirconia, we also showcased some of our favorite couture pieces from the Couture Collection with the stunning seafoam greens by the natural amazonite and chalcedony natural semiprecious stones.

It is summer and we are at the Jersey Shore so what better way to add that wow than with seafoam colors accenting the pearly whites.

Our classic white pearls take on the modern twist as we add in accents of white topaz, mix shapes of pearls of freshwater, keshi and biwa, all our pearls are natural pearls and all our stones are semiprecious and natural stones.

The night was a flurry of activity from food and drinks to a fashion show and DJ, there were door prizes and one lucky bride won a beautiful pair of Starburst Earrings from our signature collection.

Elegant Bridal Production and their team kept the night moving efficiently and professionally, it was a pleasure to work with them.

We look forward to our next bridal event this season, stay tuned for the date.