From the Cover and Pages of Vintage NYC Magazine

Here is a look back at our designer being featured in, and on the cover of Vintage NYC Magazine.

Article by Alexandra Anastasio

Photos by Luke Apice

Fashion Jewelry designer Mina Deutsch is a true New Yorker through and through. Born and raised in Brooklyn, her love of jewelry and all things fashion, began at an early age. With aspirations of being a fashion designer, Mina began working for a high-end luxury diamond wholesale company in NYC’S diamond and colored stone district at the age of 18.

 In just four months, she took on a leadership role-learning every aspect of the business, financial and administrative, and gained knowledge and experience in diamonds and colored stones.

As a away to update her own wardrobe, Mina created and wore her pieces and people started to notice. “I really began designing as a way to add something special to my wardrobe, something different and unique that I found  wasn’t in any of the boutiques or jewelry stores I was shopping in,” says Mina. Friends and family were drawn what she wore and in 2009 she started her company, Mina D Jewelry, her clientele, and following grew quickly.

 Inspired by runway shoes, and the colors of the stones she uses, Mina creates different collections that are categorized by color, not season. All of her pieces can be worn and incorporated into any wardrobe year round. She designs with herself and her customers in mind. “Getting dressed in the morning and realizing I might not have a piece of jewelry to go with what I’m wearing leads me to visualize what I’d like to wear and from that I come up with a design, says Mina.

Her dream clients are those who want a piece from each collection and will love wearing the pieces as much as she loves creating them. The collections include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, baby bracelets, men’s cufflinks and even jewelry for furry friends. The pieces come in a range of colors that symbolize a variety of moods: green envy, red hot, calming blue, and ocean dreams, which happen to be one of her favorites. “I’ve always loved the tranquility of the beaches and the color of the sky and water,” said Mina.

When picking the stones, Mina seeks out ones that are different and unique in color, texture and shape and then starts blending ideas right then there in her mind.

All of the designs are one of a kind and skilled craftsmen bring her unique vision to life. “A lot of the stones that I buy I can’t find again so these pieces are created only once,There is no mass producing.”

Only the highest quality of natural stones, gems and semi-precious stones are used and each classic piece is made to compliment today’s fashion. Whether it’s a casual outing or a night on the town, Mina’s pieces are versatile; they’re made to be admired and enjoyed whatever the occasion.

In addition to designing jewelry, Mina has a passion for giving back, and she uses her jewelry to raise funds and awareness to her causes. She endorses several pieces on her website, which are sold year round with 15% of the funds going directly to the foundations.

She’s a strong supporter of research for cancers that affect women, breast, ovarian and cervical cancer, as well as other ailments such as CCFA, American Diabetes Association and the Arthritis Foundation.

With so many beautiful pieces to choose from, it’s hard to just pick one for when yousee the collections you’re guaranteed to fall in love.