Gemstone Aquamarine Briolle Neckace with White Topaz

We just love the look of Briolles and this holiday season for Anniversary Collection, we created several new semi precious gem stones necklaces.

This stunning necklace is a streamlined version of our gems of lace necklace.

The single gorgeous strand of white topaz suspends beautiful soft green briolles of semi precious aquamarine, highlighted by the shining white topaz briolles.

Its fastened with a sterling silver clasp, this gorgeous necklace is sure to elevate your evening attire to the next level, its shining natural stones, will look amazing with your evening outfits throughout the year.

As always our gorgeous designs are handpicked and hand strung making this beautiful necklace a unique, one of a kind piece. Authentic semi precious stones with a sterling silver clasp.

We have designed several pieces for our 12th year anniversary collection, as always each is unique and one of a kind, they fit nicely into our color collections that can be worn year round, always classics elevated to todays trending looks.

 At Mina D Jewelry we create jewelry that is timeless, classic and season less, that can be worn all year round and although we are based in NYC -on the East Coast we design for women every where. We name our collections by color and not season.

Happy Holidays