Join me as I explore Grounds for Sculpture

Everyone needs a time out a break and yes a vacation. But a vacation is not always on schedule, finding time within your schedule and area is not that difficult. You just need to make it a priority.

There are many parks and places in almost every city. I am very fortunate and grateful to be in one of those places that has an abundance. Between the gorgeous beaches along the jersey shore and the many beautiful parks. Just walking the streets of our town is an adventure. But when I needed a little extra adventure my beautiful friend Alli had the perfect recipe. She suggested we take a short 45 min drive to Hamilton, NJ to Grounds for Sculpture. As both of us are jewelry designers but in different genres we always have a lot of creativity flowing between us. We both appreciate the beauty and art of the sculptures the amazing nature of all the lush green plants and flowers. We walked through these beautiful surroundings taking in the culture and beauty. We got creative with our picture taking with the various sculptures throughout the grounds. We had the most perfect weather for late September.

As if we were transported to France we dined at the Rat's Restaurant for a delicious lunch. We were treated to an outdoor table with a breathtaking view of the pond, with its waterfall, bridge and enormous goldfish and koi fish. There were many ducks swimming as well and a few visited under foot of our table looking for crumbs.

Named for the beloved character Ratty from the classic children’s storybook The Wind in the Willows, Rat’s Restaurant makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time into a cozy French countryside café—offering a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Alli my friend designs and makes jewelry from Vintage Silverware. Fitting of the jersey shore she is Jersey Mermaid Co.

Two designers on the gorgeous Grounds for Sculpture appreciating all that was around us. An amazing experience shared for the day with my very talented friend, it was the perfect little getaway if even if only for a few hours.