Let me reintroduce myself, designer Mina D

Let me reintroduce myself for those who don’t know me

for 30 yrs this was my home

580 Fifth Ave NYC 

I worked as an FD for a multi million dollar company 

I personally sold and worked with the executives of the likes of 


Harry Winston 

Sothebys and 

others … 

Including sharing office space with famed designer Lorraine Schwartz, in fact Lorraine encouraged and complimented my talent and passion and gave me enthusiasm to pursue my dream.


I traveled the world for work 

Hong Kong 


Tel Aviv 


When I say 30 yrs experience in my industry 

I mean experience you can only learn hands on day to day 

and now I share my diamond knowledge and expertise with you my lovely clients 

Happy holidays 

Love ❤️ 

Mina D