Mina D Fine Jewelry a brand that is inspiring and you can feel conencted to


What makes you follow a designer / brand ?

Is it someone you relate to ?

Someone your age?

Someone who shares your values?

Someone you admire?

Someone who motivates you?

Someone who inspires you?

Someone who makes you feel good about you ?

Someone who you understand?

Someone you want to be friends with?

We hope to be all of that to our followers and friends 

We hope to be inspiring… motivating…caring…. a brand that you can relate to… a brand that you trust.. admire… and want to be connected to….a brand aligned with your values. We are a woman owned brand, a brand dedicated to making women feel empowered and beautiful. In fact, many women have been buying themselves diamond jewelry as a gift to themselves, when they want a pick me up or to reward themselves for something positive in their lives. Diamond Jewelry is as much retail therapy as that coveted handbag or must have designer dress.

Yet, with diamond jewelry it lasts a lifetime, classic and timeless.

With over 30 years of experience in the world's leading diamond industry in New York, I share my knowledge and expertise with my clients. I have been designing diamond jewelry for over 25 years privately and now I am excited to share with my clients, designer Mina Deutsch says.

With a team backing of GIA Gemologist Alum, CAD Designers and a state of art facility in NYC with the best jewelers in the industry who can create your dream jewelry, masters of their craft.

With our focus on diamond jewelry being sustainable Lab Diamond Jewelry, ethically sourced and better for the world.

Welcome to the world of Mina D … Fine Jewelry with so much more … a lifestyle you can relate to 

Diamond Jewelry 




Food and always Fun

Because we all need happiness in our lives 😘 💋 


Mina D