Mina D Jewelry Inspired by the Seven Wonders of the World

When you think of Petra, what comes to mind? Maybe you're picturing a breathtakingly beautiful ancient city carved into sandstone rocks. Maybe you're remembering how the colors seemed so vibrant, even though they were made up of shades of red, orange and yellow. Or maybe it's just the idea of visiting such a remote location that stands out in your mind.  It was all of those things, it was an absolutely amazing once in a lifetime experience. I feel very grateful that I was able to experience it.

A wonder of the world, Petra is a breathtaking city carved into the rock. The sun sets over the sandstone cliffs, and the sky turns from blue to purple to black as night falls.

We were inspired by this trip to make a collection of earth-tone jewelry that is rich in color and texture, like the sandstone cliffs themselves.

The RED HOT  collection is just that—a collection of vibrant, beautiful pieces that will draw attention no matter where you wear them.

Mina D Jewelry  inspired by Petra's beauty and history, created  a red hot collection that will have you feeling like an ancient queen wearing jewelry fit for royalty!

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Cherry Agate and Garnet NecklaceSmoky Quartz and Champagne Pearl