Mina D Jewelry, jewelry that looks good on everyone

The classic onyx statement necklace.

From our signature collection, the classic onyx single strand necklace.

Its available in a variety of sizes, from 10 mm up to 15 mm, you decide how bold and how big you want to go.

The gorgeous classic necklace that gives that all time glamour, always classic but with a modern twist of today.

Whatever your skin tone, color of your hair or whether you are a size 2 or 20 it just looks good ! It's a beautiful necklace everyone should have in their jewelry box.

It's 18 inches in length, sparkles with every move and is the perfect little black dress of jewelry, it dresses everything up, even the most simple outift is taken up a notch with this classic necklace.

It's available in a variety of sizes and in variety of how much extra bling you desire. Each necklace is fastened with a CZ Sterling Silver turn clasp. 

And for a more dramatic effect, you can layer different sizes or add a long onyx necklace from our collection. Add the matching stretch bracelets and earrings for a full ensemble or wear the necklace alone. It's classic shape works on every neckline, whether its a deep v-neck or a closed up crewneck, jewelry that you wear and enjoy, cherish for years to come. Classic jewelry made of fine quality materials, hand crafted in NYC. Each piece is hand selected and matched to give you unsurpassed quality.