So this happened.....

Mina D on LIVE TV - How fun is that

My dear friend Melissa Billie Clark invited me to be guest on her amazing show Wellness360. 

Wellness 360, with host Melissa Billie Clark, encapsulates relatable topics such as medical issues, stories of trials and tribulations, and, most importantly, hope. Watch insightful interviews with medical experts, those who have experienced trauma and grief, and well-known faces to inspire our audience.

We talked about how jewelry and colored stones can boost your mood.

How different colors you wear can help impact your mood, for example calming blue can make you feel calmer and ocean dreams bring a sense of tranquility.

How they can make you feel beautiful, happy and empowered, ready to tackle the day. We also spoke about some of the natural powers of these beautiful stones and so much more. 

We had a beautiful display of jewelry and we spoke about the names of the Mina D Jewelry collections, they are based on color, mood and are seasonless, classic and timeless. 

It was an honor and pleasure to be her guest, you can watch her live at 2pm ET daily on LFN Network for your daily dose of wellness and feel good energy.

designer mina deutsch on set at 360 wellness with her jewelry

mina deutsch designer on set with melissa billie clark host and guest brendan