Pearls the gift of the Ocean

When nature offers something so luxurious, why look any further?

Pearls are a gift of the ocean, the magical product of living sea creatures, who build them from tiny grains of sand. Their delicate nature might be the one of the reasons these jewels have been idolized for centuries. Poets, writers, musicians, fashion designers and religious books, all refer to the pearl as the most beautiful gem.

“Pearls are worn by a bride on her special day can be worn for the rest of her life in many different ways, as they are versatile, classic and can be dressed up or down. Most importantly, they will bring back memories of matrimony for the rest of her life,” says designer Mina Deutsch founder of Mina D Jewelry.

Pearls became omnipresent with the lavish fashion style of the 1920s Jazz age. During the era of The Great Gatsby, impressively illustrated in Baz Luhrmann’s movie of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, women displayed multiple strands of pearl necklaces. Many different z=sizes and lengths were paired with sumptuous bracelets, earrings and headpieces.

Some of the most elegant women in recent history have swooned over these tiny gems. World-renowned fashion designer Coco Chanel distinguished herself by wearing signature pearl necklaces affirming that “ a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls”. Later in the 1950s, former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, a woman well known for her elegance and classic beauty, said that she believed that, “pearls were always appropriate”.

Even today pearls are still appropriate.

These classic gems transcend time, age, style and fashion because they are always simple and elegant. Celebrities, actresses and public figures of all generations from Rihanna to Carry Mullingan and Sarah Jessica Parker are all seen wearing pearl jewelry. The epitome of elegance and beauty, pearls are simply timeless: young and old, classic and modern, all at the same time.

The magic of pearls is that infuse elegance, grace, beauty and sophistication into your look with just one single strand. On the most beautiful day of your life, you want to exude beauty, elegance and purity. Pearls naturally do just that, and that is why they are a brides best friend.

The wrong piece of jewelry could ruin your nuptial photograph, taking away from the dress, clashing or overwhelming your overall ensemble. Whether you choose classic cream or white pearls-you can rest assured you will look gorgeous.

And if you just  need that “something blue” lucky you ! Freshwater pearls come in hues of grey, green, purple and blue.

“There is nothing as elegant and versatile as a pearl necklace. A beautiful necklace can brighten up the face and make you fell good from the outside in,” said Mina D. “ Pearls are classic and timeless, yet they are ageless and season-less. This is why I use them in my jewelry perfectly marrying tradition with style and modernity.”


article by Christina Capedeville