Red Hot Collection day 2 - highlight of the day Garnet Briiolle Pearl Necklace

For the highlight of the day, and the continuance of the Red Hot Collection choices...

We present The Garnet Briolle Necklace with beautiful coin pearls and our Signature Sterling Silver Clasp.

This is a holiday must have, and goes just as wonderfully into the spring season and a  favorite Red for Valentines day,  anytime you are feeling "red hot"

With so many beautiful choices to choose from, the center of attention in each is the beautiful semi precious garnet taking center stage.

There is also a flirty tassel necklace, and several necklaces are candy cane- red & white featuring lustrous pearls.

For day two of our blog, we present the Garnet Smooth Necklace and Pearl Briolle Necklace, stay tuned for day three,

Which ever beautiful piece you choose, you will feel glamorous, beautiful and holiday perfect. And of course they are natural pearls and semi precious stones they will last  and be enjoyed for many, many years.