Red Hot Collection Highlight of the day - Multi Row Garnet Briolle Necklace

For the highlight of the day, and the continuance of the Red Hot Collection choices...

For day three of our blog....

We present The Multi Row Garnet Briolle Necklace with our Signature Sterling Silver Clasp.

This is a stunning statement piece of semi precious gorgeous garnet briolles, it has this amazing almost pattern to it.

Its a stunning garnet statement piece that can rival any Ruby statement necklace and of course at a steep price difference.

This statement necklace exudes elegance and glamour.

Which ever beautiful piece you choose, you will feel glamorous, beautiful and holiday perfect. And of course they are natural pearls and semi precious stones they will last  and be enjoyed for many, many years.

For purchase info on this necklace please DM or email us


Happy holidays


Mina D