Stay Cool and Classy Mina D Jewelry Styling Tips

Stay Cool and Classy Mina D Jewelry Styling tips

With the heat wave that hit the east coast and most of the country, we found ways to stay cool, classy and fashionable

Running around town, and going into air conditioned cars, offices and restaurants, staying cool and chic is always a summer staple.

One of our favorite looks takes these simple steps


1- a pretty bold colored caftan from one of my favorite designers Natori 

2- A gorgeous biwa pearl endless necklace from our fabulous Ocean Dreams Collection 

3- A striking snakeskin vintage white wide belt from W. Kleinberg

4- Pretty matching earrings to the necklace

5- a comfortable lowheeled mule in a pastel shade to compliment the caftan


stay cool and follow us for more styling tips and trends