Take time to breathe

As children we were given "time outs" whether we were misbehaving or were over hyper or as young children in school we got "breaks" we got lunch times outdoors or in the cafeteria.

As adults we get so busy we forget those fundamentals, skipping lunch, taking lunch at our desks etc

One of the things the pandemic taught me, was to take to breathe, take a break, take a few minutes to stop and appreciate. And if you can take a short trip to a park once a week, take a short scenic drive. The mental boosts these little breaks give me are amazing. Unfortunately my mind never stops working even on these breaks, but its still helpful. Its also a constant inspiration to my designs, whether the calming blue collection, ocean views collection. Anything water and nature inspired gives me inspiration.

This past week a took a short 15 minute drive to Island Heights.

Come and explore Island heights with me… I was transported to this magical, beautiful place of Island Heights.
The beautiful boardwalk with amazing views was a perfect little break from my day.
I always love going near the water to relax and recharge, it gives me a sense of tranquility.
A little history about Island Heights
Island Heights was incorporated as a borough by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on May 6, 1887, from portions of Dover Township (now Toms River Township), based on the results of a referendum held on November 18, 1886.[24][25]
Island Heights takes its name from two sources: it originally was an island. It is situated by a steep bluff rising 60 feet (18 m) above the Toms River.[26] It was originally known as Doctor Johnson’s island, being included in the patent granted to him in 1680. In the century before the American Revolutionary War, it was known as Dillon’s Island, probably for James Dillon, a prominent man in Toms River. The land was purchased by John Imlay of Allentown, who sold it in 1794 to Issac Gulick. In 1797, Gulick and his wife Abagail sold it to Abraham and George Parker. In 1799, the Parker brothers sold it to Abel Middleton of Upper Freehold.
For more history about this magical place click here
thank you for taking this trip with me, please remember "take time to stop and breathe" 
have a great day