The ART and the Artist

The art and the artist.

Jewelry design is my passion, and of course jewelry and fashion go hand in hand. I also love expressing my creativity throughout my life whether in interior design or food design in the kitchen.

Check out some of my latest wall art.

I've added some artistic wall art to showcase in my studio.

My designing jewelry is always at the forefront, but I love creating, whether its fashion, artist pictures, floral designs, interior design.                                          Creative writing is on the list as well, especially being and entrepreneur. 

The creative energy as an artist is always working and flowing...always thinking I find myself constantly stopping and taking notes when ideas come up.

I also love to experiment in the kitchen with new recipes and then displaying and plating food in a unique way. 

I hope you like the new Art as much as I do 

now if I can only get over that writers block I tend to get sometimes....