The Truth is you can not tell the difference between Natural and Lab Diamonds

The truth is you cannot tell the difference between a Lab Diamond and a Natural Diamond. The only way you can tell the difference between a natural and lab diamond are in a gem labratory with diamond grading equipment. No one can tell the difference not even a trained gemologist.

I did say I would share which jewelry I wore was Natural and which were Lab Diamonds.

So here are the details....

The exquisite Diamond Necklace is a Lab Diamond Necklace

The Diamond stud earrings with the matching jackets are natural diamonds. They can be worn together or separately and we can custom design these for you in Lab Diamonds.

The pave band is natural and we have a similar one available for purchase, here is the link, Four Row Fancy Diamond Ring | minadjewelry.

The eternity band is a Lab Diamond eternity band and is available for custom order.

And lastly the bracelet is a natural diamond bracelet, take a look at our stunning collection of lab diamond bracelets.