Thursday summer throwback with Mina D Jewelry aboard The World

A perfect Thursday to do a throw back Thursday Reel
Mina D Jewelry was featured in the exclusive boutique of The World…..
The World is the largest private residential ship on the planet, The World is home to only 165 Residences. An international community of Residents & Guests spend extensive time exploring the most exotic and well-traveled destinations, and return onboard to a lifestyle that exists nowhere else on earth.
Luxury collections of Mina D Jewelry a perfect place aboard The Luxury World residence. 
We had the privilege of being onboard in the exclusive boutique, showcasing our stunning luxury collections.
Luxury Collection—a line of jewelry that's as beautiful and timeless as the places you'll travel to and the people you'll meet along the way. This collection is a nod to the global nature of our business, and it's an invitation for you to live out your wanderlust in style.
Our line of luxury jewelry for the discerning traveler will make you feel like royalty as you travel through your next adventure.

Traveling has never been so glamorous!
Our clients are world travelers who appreciate high-quality products and services, but they also enjoy the experience of shopping in person with our personal concierge service!
Whether on board the World or purchasing from our website you always get our team of experts behind you for all jewelry and styling questions.