What makes Mina D Jewelry Unique ?

Did you know Mina D Jewelry and its brand and designs are Trademarked and copy righted? 

When we began the Mina D Jewelry brand in 2010 one of the things are attorneys advised us was to get trademarked. After submitting our logo and designs, our attorney informed us of the approval.

What does that mean? It means that we are filed under the US Patent and Trademark office. Our unique one-of-a-kind designs are ours and any copy can be knowns as infringement.

Our unique designs are ours and ours alone, our collections are made of quality, careful inspection and design go into each piece.

All designs are branded under our name.

Our gorgeous collections are designed and made in the USA and are protected under the Mina D brand name. 

With so many jewelry designers out there to choose from, choosing Mina D Jewelry is an elite choice, it will hold its value over time.

We thank you for choosing Mina D Jewelry and for visiting.

mina d jewelry logo