Cardinal Point Set Diamond Tennis Necklace

Cardinal Point Set Diamond Tennis Necklace

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Cardinal Point Setting Diamond Tennis Necklace

Experience a sublime look with the Cardinal Point Set Diamond Tennis Necklace--a timeless piece crafted with luxurious elegance. Adorned with shimmering minerals, its dazzling display of diamonds creates a dramatic and glamorous illusion. Perfect for the sophisticated woman, this majestic necklace will make a stunning statement.

The Diamond Cardinal Setting is not your ordinary jewelry setting. It's a spiritual phenomenon that combines the power of diamonds with the wisdom of the cosmos. This unique setting allows the diamond to be positioned in such a way that it aligns with the cardinal directions—north, south, east, and west. It's like having a compass for your soul!

The Diamond Cardinal setting holds deep spiritual symbolism. The four cardinal directions represent different aspects of life and spirituality. North symbolizes stability and grounding, south represents passion and creativity, east signifies new beginnings and growth, and west symbolizes introspection and wisdom.  These elements create a powerful symbol of balance, harmony, and connection to the divine.

SKU: YU684

This cardinal point setting diamond tennis necklace is finished with 3.8 ct. t.w. of round cut lab grown diamonds and crafted in 14k white gold.

It is also available in 18k gold and Platinum. Please contact us for different metal and color options.


Style information:

Style Number: YU684
14K Metal Weight: Approximately 11 grams

Properties: Prong set

Length: 18"


Diamond information:

Total Carat Weight: 3.8
Total Number Of Diamonds: 35

Color & Clarity: D-F / VVS