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Labradorite & Silver Grey Pearl Necklace with pave CZ Clasp

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Labradorite & Silver Grey Pearl Necklace with sterling silver pave CZ Clasp

This exquisite necklace is a classic statement piece that can be worn day to night.

The stunning grey pearls add a touch of softness and elegance to any look. The Labradorite has a beautiful blue grey iridescence.

labradorite rounds are 14mm, pearls are 9.5 - 10mm and accented by white topaz roundels

necklace is 19 inches long

It is semiprecious, sustainable necklace that can be worn year round, classic and timeless

Labradorite crystal is also known as “the stone of mysticism”.

Labradorite is named for where it was found in Labrador, a Canadian province on the Isle of Paul. Inuits once called labradorite a "fire stone" and would use powdered forms to help cure ailments. According to Inuit legend, a warrior saw the Northern Lights trapped in the rocks and struck them with his spear to free some of the lights. The stone was first described by Moravian missionaries of the late eighteenth century, introducing the stone into the European market. Labradorite is not exclusive to Canada, however, and can also be found in Mexico, Russia and Finland. Since its discovery, labradorite has been a highly sought-after stone for use in jewelry.